Stop Mid Devon District Council reducing refuse collection service

By Bob Evans, Leader of the Conservatives on Mid Devon Council.

The Lib Dem and Independent coalition that now runs Mid Devon District Council are looking at reducing refuse collections to 3 weekly or monthly!

The Conservatives on Mid Devon District Council, who until the local elections in May ran the council and now form the opposition oppose reducing this service and had refused to consider it while they ran the council, as the very small amount in potential savings were not worth the problems that many of our residents will have storing waste for an extra week or two before collection.

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This petition is calling on the new leadership of Mid Devon District Council to rule out making changes to the frequency of refuse collection.



  • Any small savings do not justify the complications for Mid Devon residents.
  • Many properties in Mid Devon struggle to store refuse for fortnightly collection.  Any reductions in collection frequency will be an added burden to residents, particuarly those in town and village centres where suitable storage space is limited.
  • Recycling rates are still improving in the District currently.
  • Waste no longer goes to landfill, instead all Mid Devon’s waste is turned into energy.
  • Increased risk of fly-tipping with less regular collections.

If Mid Devon’s Coalition administration wish to seriously look at reducing waste and collection costs to the local tax payers of Mid Devon, their time would be better spent trying to influence Devon County Council  and other local authorities to join together to put pressure on the supermarkets, who predominantly generate the bulk of waste, giving shoppers little or no choice with many goods coming wrapped in one or more layers of plastic, paper and cardboard when purchasing their family shopping.  As a group we do not support that they simply opt for the easy target of reducing vital services to local residents.

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