Open letter to Cllr Frank Letch and Mid Devon’s Liberal Democrats

Subject: Motion 555 MDDC not to charge for parking at its long stay car parks in Tiverton, Cullompton and Crediton on Saturdays .

Good afternoon Frank

I’m writing to ask you to withdraw the above motion that you submitted on 8th April 2019 and was heard at full council on the 24th of the same month.

You are aware that at that meeting the motion was referred to the Economy PDG who subsequently met on the 13th June and have formed  a working group to look at both this and future car parking charges.

In light of last weeks unanimous agreement not only to agree with the Devon Climate Declaration but having amended the target date to aim for a zero carbonemissions   from 2050 too 2030 I feel the motion needs to be withdrawn as it flys in the face of the data that was presented to council.

Given the data sets considered by members prior to voting included statistics showing that the greatest contribution to these gases comes from Transport and Logistics giving a 27% contribution and also showing that this sector has offered the least measured reduction over the period from 1990 till 2017 , showing a minimal 2% reduction, The motion actually encourages the use of private vehicles to access the towns in question, totally against the spirit of the Declaration agreed.

In agreeing to withdrawal the motion now this will not only eliminate further member and officer time in consideration but will show members of the public that elected members are seeking to not only verbally support the motion but to actually act on its principles.

Bob Evans
Lower Culm