Development on Exeter Hill – Lance’s Thoughts

Quite understandably the issue of the possible development on Exeter Hill has been raised with my campaign team in that area, I thought it would be helpful for you to know where I stood on this crucial local issue.

Chris Daw, as one of your existing Conservative Councillors, has raised her concerns with planning officers and has called in the application to the planning committee if the officers were minded to approve the application;  so it would be decided by elected councillors and we would have an opportunity to raise our concerns on your behalf.

Just to be clear the proposed development is not within Mid Devon’s Local Plan; therefore, it is against local policy.  We believe the access road is too narrow and too steep, visibility on exit would be unsafe even onto a 30mph road. Vehicles like Mid Devon’s waste lorries would struggle to use the access and would probably have to reverse up.  Proposed pedestrian access is too steep for anyone with a pushchair or who has mobility issues.  There are plenty of other reasons why this application should be refused, but these planning reasons are fundamental and, in our opinion, should be why the planning committee reject the application.

Developers are keen now to try to obtain planning permissions on sometimes even the most unsuitable sites, Mid Devon Councillors have on recent occasions rejected opportunistic and bad planning applications and we will urge them to do it again.

If you would like to discuss this matter further, or anything else, please call Lance on 07730766617 or email

Please do take the opportunity to vote on 7th June, so that the Conservative team can continue speaking up for Cranmore.