Archive for Month: August 2017

  • Palmerston Park

    Here is Anthony with Neil Parish MP and Councillor Christina Daw, also a local resident at Palmerston Park.

  • 30 minutes FREE parking in Westexe South Car Park

    Here is Anthony, Councillor Clive Eginton and Neil Parish MP discussing the 30 minutes free parking at Westexe South Car Park.

  • 6 Things Mid Devon District Council Has Achieved

    1. Introduced 30 minutes free parking in Westexe South Car Park 2. Kept Council Tax rises at 0% or low levels of increase 3. Introduced food, cardboard and plastic recycling 4. Started new council house building in Westexe 5. Invested in improved facilities at the Exe Valley Leisure Centre 6. Set up “Litter Busters” team…

  • Neil Parish MP Backs Anthony Bush

    Tiverton and Honiton’s MP, Neil Parish supports Anthony Bush. Neil says, “Anthony is an excellent choice for Westexe. He is a popular Town Councillor. Anthony is local, hard working and as one of your Town Councillors is already involved in your local community.” Neil Parish MP added, “I find that it is of great help…

  • Meet Anthony Bush

    Anthony Bush was born in Tiverton and represents Westexe South on Tiverton Town Council and he wants to represent Westexe at Mid Devon District Council. Born and bred in Tiverton, Anthony enjoys helping local residents with their issues and has an excellent reputation for getting things done. Anthony says: “Tiverton is a great place to…

  • District Council By-Election – Westexe Ward

    Calling all residents in Westexe ward. There is a by-election on Thursday 14th September. Our candidate is a local resident and Town Councillor for Westexe South, Cllr Anthony Bush. For more information please see this link: Anthony Bush Leaflet

  • Congratulations to our Mid Devon MPs

    Congratulations to Neil Parish of Tiverton and Honiton and Mel Stride on keeping their seats in the snap General Election that has just gone. We hope that they continue all the good work that they have been doing.

  • Congratulations to all our County Councillors

    Congratulations to all our Mid Devon County Councillors on regaining or winning seats in the most recent County Council elections in May 2017. We kept 4 of our seats a gained 1 from the Liberal Democrats. Congratulations to Colin Slade for winning Tiverton East and becoming the first Conservative County Councillor for that division in…