A Community Health Garden For Cullompton by Cllr Rosemary Berry

Please write in support of the provision of a Community Health Garden  on .1harosemary berry of land next to College Surgery, Centre for Integrated Health as part of the Cullompton NW  Extension consultation response.   Without strong local support this valuable project  will not happen.   We urgently need your help!

Why I believe this project is important for Cullompton:

  • This is a forward thinking project with potential for enormous  health benefits for Cullompton, the community as a whole, also provide a social meeting place.
  • Access to the garden would help with the effects of  stress, depression, bereavements,  alzheimer’s, terminal illness, and aid rehabilitation.   
  • working in the Garden has potential promote a positive effect on depression, obesity and related ill health.
  • cookery demonstrations using garden produce would inform about a healthy diet, and nutrition, linked to advice from a health facilitator.
  • good results, have already been achieved with diabetic patients, using produce from small scale raised  beds in the car park.  With  larger space much more could be achieved. 
  • The NHS is under a huge challenge as demands for treatment grow, this is the kind of initiative which is likely to be vital for the future and in the best interest of patients.
  • It would be tragic if the opportunity for a Health Garden was lost for ever, and with it the opportunity  to build on and expand valuable work already started.

 This is a once in a generation opportunity for Cullompton to lead the way,  and most importantly improve quality of life for the community.     College Surgery is a centre of excellence, a teaching facility which is nationally and internationally renown, recognised for valuable work by the Ministry of Health and The Prince of Wales who opened the centre.

Rosemary Berry – Mid Devon District Councillor for Cullompton Outer      



Details also available from:

TheForward Planning Team, Mid Devon District Council

Tel:01884 234 922           Email:planningconsultations@middevon.gov.uk


Please give your support for the Community Health Garden by responding to the consultation before 1st October 2015.

 Consultation responses should be:

Emailed to planningconsultations@middevon.gov.ukor  Posted to:  NW Cullompton Masterplanning Consultation, Forward Planning, Mid Devon District Council, Phoenix House, Tiverton EX16 6PP

For help with your consultation response or more information contact:

Rosemary Berry – Mid Devon District Councillor for Cullompton Outer                Phone 01884 32320 Email:  rberry@middevon.gov.uk